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A NEW HORROR COMIC BOOK Series from the sick mind of Cult Horror filmmaker Jackie Kong- the Creator

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About the Creator:

CULT Horror film Director, JACKIE KONG (Blood Diner, The Being, Night Patrol) brings her vision to Graphic novels in her first horror series “Spend The Night”.


Lunar Code #


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 Issue #1 of "Spend The Night", Horror Icon Jackie Kong brings you a brand new Urban legend in "The Curse One-Eyed Jenny". Feared by area locals, the mere mention of her name sends chills down their spines! Terrifying yet beautiful! A murderous, frightening corpse roaming the Bayou and neighboring parishes stuck between Earth and the afterworld. A restless spirit looking for satisfaction…And now resurrected during a Halloween Slumber Party, she walks again…

In Comicbook shops March 2023

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